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More Random Photos – 365 Photos Challenge – Days 41 – 50

I am back to share more photos in the 365 photos challenge. I know I am way behind everybody else, but I will post a few galleries to try and catch up.

I realize now I probably shouldn’t have started a challenge where I am supposed to post every single day. It’s fun, but it is definitely a challenge (guess that’s why it’s called a challenge).

This gallery has some photos of Eli, some clouds, and even some food. I hope you will enjoy the photos!

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to! Β Here are the rulesΒ to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

My last post: Happy Eli

#1 Day 41 – Clouds (edited)

I thought these clouds were so pretty so I had to share them!  I posted them first on Instagram, so I edited it with the editing program the app has. 

#2 Day 42- Eli in Black and White

This was taken fairly recently....after Eli got a hair cut.  I edited in black and white because I was going to post it in the black and white color crazy challenge.  

#3 Day 43- 50th Edition Hot Wheels

This is one of the eight cars in the 50th edition hot wheels edition.  I wanted to get the Impala but they didn't have we got a Roger Dodger ( I think).  

#4 Day 44- Eli in Black & White # 2

Here is another photo of Eli in black and white but before his hair cut!  I love it when he poses for me!

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#5 Day 45 – More Big Fluffy Clouds!

I love the clouds in this shot....and I like how I also got some telephone poles in the shot.  

#6 Day 46 – Eli and His Lincoln Log House

Eli was so proud of the house he built with his great grandma out of lincoln logs.  I couldn't help but share that in this challenge!  

#7 Day 47 – Red Robin, Yum!

Last week I had lunch at Red Robin....I ordered their clucks and fries.  They were pretty good!

#8 Day 48 – Eli Enjoying Red Robin!

Eli got cheese pizza from Red Robin and some mandarin oranges as his side instead of fries.  He really enjoyed the oranges!

#10 Day 50 – More Clouds!

Here is another shot of the clouds....I am obsessed with cloud/sky photos I think πŸ˜€ 

Hope you enjoy all the photos!  


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