PUJ – 365 Photos Challenge #16

I missed two more days in this 365 Photos Challenge. I got some problem with my phone’s SD card. Luckily i found an old one that still works fine. This means, I have to make up for those days. 

PUJ- Public Utility Jeepney

This morning, I was requested by a friend and (an informal) business partner, to go to their town, which is about an hour and a half ride from where I live. I decided against driving my bike going there. It’s been a while since I took a long a drive with my bike. Besides the heat was terrible this morning. Also, with the unpredictable weather, you will never now when it will rain all of a sudden.

Instead, I decided to take the PUJ or Public Utility Jeepney. Here in the Philippines, PUJ’s were once dubbed the king of the road. It’s the most common means of public transportation. Except for some power tools, the body is locally built mostly by hands.

I took this photo at the terminal this morning, while I was waiting for my own jeepney to leave.

For those of you who have missed it, you can check out what I had for breakfastm the other day.



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