Prison of Mind – 3(b)

Ann will always take the side of the most repulsive person in the room, the one who antagonises every one. Whether a thief, a liar, a scammer,  a sociopath;  Ann identifies.

She will always align with that person, and if it means going against one  she had as friend or who could help her in life, that is what it means.

In any situation, no matter what or where or when or who,  Ann will take the side of that  reject, because she sees herself as a reject.

Regardless of the  fantasy character she has portrayed, be it an actress, be it a teacher,   as soon as she views a loser as she sees herself,  she instantly connects.

Even if that person berates her, breaks her glassware,  Ann will align.

Ann is the repulsive unwanted  and sees those in that category as she does her reflection.

She will never escape the person she believes she really is.  And will always identify with the ‘reject’.  

Despite having the tools to change, despite being able to build on  that ‘plaster’, she is locked into the prison who she really is.


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Written by jaylar

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