Power – 12

Only those behind those Closed Doors know what is really happening, and why.  

Sometimes there is a project  for which failure is necessary, either to fill a pocket, to cover up a mistake, and to have a ‘fall guy’.

When there is a ‘fall guy’  this person will, at the completion of the ‘project’ be so discredited that never again will they obtain anything.

For example, all of those will fully operational brains have, over the months, learned that hydroxychloroquine is not a recommended treatment for Covid-19.

Those who push it face off against major health organisations, from WHO to the FDA, etc.

As those who have pushed it are laughing stocks, it is necessary to point at someone else and claim that it was that person who told them….

And who better to be the ‘fall guy’  than some unknown doctor from Cameroon, who is a female?

The racist Base, the misogynists, those who used the term sh8thole to describe the nation have gotten the most perfect target.

This selection of expendables is done Behind Closed Doors.


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