Power – 11

One of the reasons for the explosion of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ is the suspicion of the Closed Door .  

Those people on the road  ‘know something is happening, but they don’t know what it is’.

Whack jobs, those who see all sorts of ‘conspiracies’ lurking in every corner gain a soap box to stand on, and babble their nonsense.

This group of Pathetics who feel so small and overwhelmed, believe whatever is said.  Their level of paranoia increases.  These Pathetics begin to question and dispute all that they know and have been told, and fly off into a realm of denial.

For example, they didn’t  see  measles outbreaks so decided to become anti-vaxers. Facts can not dissuade them. So they bury their children when they die of measles.

Qanon ropes them in for a laugh, and enjoys the pop corn as more simpletons join, ready to lose all they have, including their lives on a fantasy created for amusement.

The Pathetics  don’t understand that those Behind Closed Doors have narrow parameters.  They are looking for the best outcome for themselves and their organisation.  Their goals are not as nefarious nor global as Conspiracy Theorists believe nor do they have all the power attributed to them.


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Written by jaylar

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