Plastic Ruby – 15 (end)

Marva and her husband Billy were at the Ruby anniversary of Joe and Amelia.   They were seated right over there.  She was obviously old, much older than Billy.   He had married her when he was 20 and she was 34.   Today, he was 63, fit and attractive.  She was 77, showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

Amelia and Billy made  efforts not to look at each other.  They had practice.  It had been forty years.

Amelia knew  her husband Joe had affairs.    It made her happy.  Having sex with Joe had been the most difficult aspect of their marriage.

As the food was served, Amelia seemed to look at the waiter, but actually had her eyes on Billy.  To her, he was as handsome today as he had been when he was twenty.

He felt her eyes and looked at her while he reached for a glass in front of him.

Marva was babbling on and on, a white noise around Billy’s ears.  She’d never been more than a convenience from the day of marriage.  Amelia was his soul.

As he looked at Amelia she gave the signal , using her right forefinger to brush hair behind her ear.  Billy  used his right forefinger to rub his chin, then both looked at their partners and smiled.

Tomorrow afternoon they would meet at their usual spot.



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