Plastic Ruby – 13

Amelia had, those decades gone, achieved her goal.  She obtained a job in a firm Marva was associated with. Her next step was to find a man to marry.  

This would make the social collisions between her, Billy and his wife more than explainable.

Joe Franks was first choice.  Ten years older, not all that handsome or interesting.  

Amelia had slowly moved into his space, seeming to always be there.  She accepted dates from him, always behaving as the perfect lady.  

She wanted to be ‘marriage’ material, not a fling, and so took  baby steps to the altar while she continued her  affair with  Billy.    

She knew Joe’s routine just as Billy knew Marva’s.   This meant  secret  meetings between Amelia and Billy were well choreographed.

Joe and his wife Amelia were in Marva’s circle.   Marva introduced them to her husband ,Billy.  Amelia showed no interest in him , nor did he in her.  

In public.


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Written by jaylar

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