Plastic Ruby -12

The music began to  play.   Amelia rose to dance with her husband, Joe.  All the guests clapped as they  took the floor under the Ruby Anniversary Banner.

As they danced, Amelia thought back the decades to the first time she danced with Billy.

They were miles from home, crashing some function,  dancing slowly to a romantic ballad.    

Thinking of that wonderful evening made her smile.   People assumed she was smiling because she was in her husband’s arms.

Amelia never focused on Joe.  He was like a comfortable old chair by the window.

When they returned to their seats, many people came to speak with them.  Amelia focused on her posture, pronunciation, and giving the appearance of listening.

Everyone said Amelia was a great listener.  

They didn’t know Amelia was in her own world  of subterfuge and pretence.


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Written by jaylar

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