Pit Children – Recognition

Be alert to signs and symbols.

The Pit child’s goal is to turn the other children against you.  They can receive nothing, they can lose everything, that is not weighed.  Simply to make a child hate his or her parents is the victory.

The Pit Child never grows out of the need to hurt their parents for whatever wrongs they have suffered.  They may be in their forties, still looking to punish Mommy for not taking them to the zoo when they were eight, or Daddy for slapping them when they were ten.

This is not the child, crying out for love.  This is the toxic child, who grows into a toxic adult, whose entire life is based on manipulation and destruction.  Who considers it ‘victory’ if a half sibling doesn’t send their mother a birthday present,  at their coaching.

Further, they need to get the ‘credit’ for destroying the family.

When they can not gain the attribution, as in the case of Julie, they cease to show any interest in that half or step sibling which they had virtually made the centre of their lives.

It  is not enough for a “Pit Child’ to turn a sibling against the parents, the parents Must know the author.

There are such  people as Pit Children, be aware of them.

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