Pit Children – part 43

Julie didn’t understand what had happened.

She had been so close to her brothers. She had listened to every word they said. She had let them control her opinions and ideas.

Yet, for the past year, her  phone calls had gone voice mail and weren’t returned. If she even was connected to Paul or John, they cut conversations short.

What had she done?

Julie felt so alone, wondering what happened.

Everett, Julie’s husband was pleased, but didn’t let on. He had judged her half-brothers as evil and manipulative. He knew to speak would raise her defenses, so had been silent.  Hoping she would see for herself.

She never did.

It was her brothers who dumped her. Dumped her because whatever use they had for her no longer existed.

As soon as Everett perceived this, he attempted to fill his wife’s life with ideas and activities. He set many, trips and had his family fill the gaps.

As Paul and John had turned Julie against their mother, his mother had to fill the role. All he could hope for is that they wouldn’t find another use for Julie or that she would grow a brain.


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Written by jaylar