Pit Children – part 30

When Sandra and Neville married they never expected things to get so bad.  They never thought their finances would crash, their relationship would unravel.

Thinking they were doing the right thing, they sent their sons, Paul and John, to live with his mother, Olga. They thought it was temporary, no more than a year, tops.

But that is not how Olga saw it.

Olga had her  own dark corners so took the boys to make up for the neglect she had shown her own children.  As  with Sandra and Neville the neglect was due to financial  difficulties.  She  took the boys  and decided  to  give them what she couldn’t give her own children.

When Sandra came to get her sons, Olga virtually refused, telling her to go on with her life, complete her education.   Sandra did.

She went back to school, met Albert, married him, began a life.

Neville, Olga’s son, also remarried and had children with his second wife.   Then, he wanted Paul and John because he assumed Sandra wanted them.

He took his sons, couldn’t care less what they wanted, and inserted them into his new family.   They were not the centre of attention in Neville’s house, Zel’s children were.

Paul and John plotted and twisted, and manipulated and played the sons of Zel.

Zel became aware of what was going on.  As the marriage wasn’t doing that well,  Neville agreed to send the boys to his mother during vacations and weekends.

This was a partial victory for Paul and John.   The full one was when Neville and Zel divorced and they got to be with grandma Olga full time.

They  would shout that Olga was a Great Mother!  So as to insult their mother.   Then, if one gave them a bit more time, they’d start to whine about never being taken anywhere, never having  a birthday party, on and on, grown men, whining about all the things this ‘Great Mother’  didn’t buy for them, do for them, etc.

They never seemed to catch the discrepancy,  the purpose of their lives seemed to be to denigrate their mother and father, elevate their grandmother and try to destroy their half siblings by turning them against their parents.


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