Pit Children – Explanation (5)

Julie, the daughter of Sandra and Albert, was an easy meal for Paul and John.   The sons of her first marriage to Neville, P & J focused on turner Julie against their mother.

As she was an only child, and they played the devoted brothers, she tumbled into their manipulations.

Paul & John and tried to turn the children of their father, Neville and his second wife, Zel, against them.  Zel, aware of the evil of those boys,  divorced Neville, and gained restraining orders against them.

That P & J were destroying their own family was not considered.   To hurt their father and his second wife was the centre of their being.

After that interlude, they turned to Julie.

They were a bit late, for she had already married Everett.   He was alert, and considered his options.  As Julie’s mother, Sandra, Everett  stepped back.  By stepping back, Everett was exempt from their attacks, and it was only Sandra who was the victim.

Once Paul and John felt they had succeeded, they dropped Julie as a rotten fruit.  She meant nothing to them, never did.

It took Julie months to realise that she had been played, and was now full of guilt.  Sandra, aware of it, made no reference to what had transpired, as if she hadn’t noticed.


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