Picking a Victim – 2

As Norman went to beat his girl friend, her mother showed up with a cricket bat. So ended his first attempt at brutality and the relationship he had with his girl friend.

He realised he needed a woman who had no one.  Norman then searched for lonely women who had no family.  He found Dee and raced into marriage.  Two weeks after the wedding he began the process of domestic violence.

He began with emotional abuse, then tried intellectual, spiritual,  and verbal,  abuse. At physical Dee ran away.  Norman was now alone.

 This suggested he needed to get someone who could not leave.  He decided to use his American citizenship as a lure.

He left America and found Yvie.  He married her but stayed outside of the U.S..  he did nothing to have her gain citizenship.  

For nine years  Norman had his Victim.   

Then, he had to return to the U.S.  

Having owned Yvie  for so many years he felt confident.  However, as soon as she got her papers, Yvie  divorced him and took everything.

He hadn’t realised that she could escape.  Big mistake on his part.


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Written by jaylar

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