Picking a Victim – 11


As people can quit, and some can bring law suits  selecting victims becomes a bit tricky.

Many Bosses from Hell (BfH) search for a person who doesn’t have ‘options’.  

They’ll hire people who might need a particular position,  or want to be in a particular firm or have trouble getting a job,  illegal aliens,  people they feel they can abuse.

If they are astute, they can get a victim for a decade, sometimes only five years, often less.  But the careful selection will mean they will have at least three years to ‘own’ a slave.

They will start with a kind of niceness…  maybe having the victim driven to and from the office.  

This soon morphs into having the home trip delayed to get unpaid overtime.

Sometimes they buy lunch,  beginning with decent food then moving to rubbish and the victim having to go and purchase lunch when they would have carried it from home.

They may begin with decent speech then move to insult and shouting.

If they are wise, they tone it down or have some benefit to grant.   If they aren’t,  employees will be racing into the street to escape.


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