Phoney Ronie – 2

When Sharon met Ronie her ‘radar’ went off.  There was something ‘off’ about her.  The big smile, the forced warmth.

In Sharon’s life it took time to develope a friendship.    One didn’t go from “HI!”  to “Bestie!”  within a conversation.

That Ronie was pushing hard  had Sharon building walls.   Sharon was careful to limit conversation to things she would say in a public lunchroom.

After a few weeks of this forced friendship, where Sharon strove to only see Ronie only once or twice a week for an hour or so, she decided to tell her of a particular event.

This event was real but had become a kind of ‘fable’ Sharon repeated at particular points when she was waving the flag;  “I can’t Trust You.”

Years ago, a particular person had despised her.  Sharon didn’t know the person, didn’t know why.    

Eventually a mutual friend learned he had mistaken Sharon for someone else.   His behaviour changed from that moment.

As she had never known him, she did not harbour grudge.  If he had known her and some ‘anti-Sharon information’  reached him, he’d be expected to verify, to give her a chance, not take someone else’s word.  


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Written by jaylar

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