Petition to ban Roundup


The Action Network has created a petition that looks to have the chemical glyphosate banned throughout the USA.  Glyphosate has been showed to cause cancer.  The problem is that glyphosate is in the weed killer Roundup that is manufactured by Monsanto.  Over 18,000 cases have been filed against the company by people who have contracted non-Hodgkins lymphoma due to the use of Roundup.

As of now, this petition has over one hundred signatures.  However, this petition does have legs because the petition is sponsored by Ethan Strimling for Mayor.  Mr. Strimling is seeking a second term as the mayor of Portland, Maine.  He fulfilled one of his campaign promises by having glyphosate banned within the city limits of Portland, ME.  Please sign the petition because Roundup is still on store shelves throughout the United States of America.  These bottles are prepared to give more people cancer once more are bought by consumers.


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