People Who Can't Do Better – 52

Landlady 1 was moved by Jade’s sob story gave her a flat but expected rent.  After the first month payment, there was no rent, and Jade claimed to have no money.

Landlady 1 waited and waited but eventually realised she’d been duped so told Jade to leave.

Jade claimed to have no where to go.

When the Landlady got an eviction order, Jade began to remove her junk then leave.

Where did Jade go?

Jade went to another ‘friend’ who was now ‘rescuing’ her from the evil landlady.

The shock here is that Jade knew, the day she got the keys to the flat owned by Landlady 1 , that she was going to live free for as long as she could.  

She would play poor me, she would claim to have no money, on and on until the scam collapsed.

Then Jade, poor ‘homeless’ Jade would move on to another dupe, leaving a flat in horrible condition and a landlady astounded.


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Written by jaylar

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