People Who Can't Do Better – 51

Jade is a person who Can’t Do Better.  She runs scams as easy as they enter her mind.

Her usual is to claim that her parent’s house burnt down, she has no where to live, so works on the sympathy of those who have rooms to rent.

She then moves in a pile of things which fill the place to the extent any eye would see she is a hoarder.

She lives rent free as long as she can, claiming she has no where to go.

When the landlady reaches her limit and gets an eviction order, Jade begins moving her junk to another place so that no Bailiff would find anything of value.

So where did  did Jade go?  

She claimed to have no one, no where, so that the landlady would feel sorry for her.

But after months of no rent, when the Landlady reached her limit and got an Eviction Order, somehow poor lonely pathetic Jade could move her stuff.


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Written by jaylar

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