People Who Can't Do Better – 50

This ability to use people, to abuse people, is in the genes of a Person Who Can’t Do Better.

In the case of ‘Jade’  she had gotten a flat by her stories of her parent’s house burning down.   One would assume if a house burnt down, all the stuff inside of it would have burnt as well.

Considering the trailer load of stuff Jade moved into the flat, (filling the ‘shared space’  to make the other tenants uncomfortable) should have alerted the landlady that something was ‘not right’.

Duped by Jade, allowing her to move in,  the landlady now finds out that she will nor or could not pay her rent.

When that landlady had enough and got an eviction order, poor pathetic Jade, who had nowhere to live suddenly found another place.

Before the Bailiff could arrive and take her furniture or simply toss it in the road, she was gone.


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Written by jaylar

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