People Who Can't Do Better – 46

People Who Can’t Do Better carry Inconsiderate Behaviour to a new high.  

They will block a path, and although it looks accidental, it isn’t.  They will blast their music or cartoons right by your window or door with this attitude that they are oblivious.

They are not.   This is attention seeking.  This is deliberately and specifically done to get you to say something to them.  Their only interactions with other humans is aggressive.   They must strive to act decent.

Yes, it is impossible to deal with such people, but there comes times in your life, whether at a dorm, whether renting a room in a flat, at work, wherever, where you are literally forced into their ambit.

Being angry and lashing out is what they want.   Arguments are their basic human interaction.  When you appreciate that they Can’t Do Better, when you sever them from contemplation,  when they become no more than a faucet which starts to drip in the middle of the night and you can’t do anything about it, NOW, you learn polite contempt.  

You learn how to pull every atom of your being to the centre and ignore them. 


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