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Paw Print Art ~ 365 Photos Challenge #34

We made this! 

I finally remembered to put the disk in my camera and take a photo of this painting. If you saw the last post about this painting, you might want to skip this part.  I had made a post about this previously but didn’t get to take a picture of it and used the one my daughter in law sent to me when she found this Christmas present. 

For Christmas this year I had wanted to do something personal for my son and daughter in law. They have two dogs and love anything dog related. 

While looking online for pet crafts I could do, I found some paw print paintings. You dip the dogs paw in paint and put it on paper. There were a lot of really cool ideas. I thought what better! 

 I had paint, brushes and a blank canvas up in the top of the closet…. I brushed off the cob webs, and stared at the blank canvas…  I decided to go with flowers! 

My daughter in law’s favorite color is purple and my son’s is blue!  

Now, how do I get the dogs away from them without arising suspicion… Luckily two days before Christmas my daughter in law asked if I could come over and check on the dogs while they were away! I almost jumped for joy, keeping the excitement out of my voice I said I would do it. : ) Ha! Perfect. 

I went outside when I got there to their backyard and set up the paint pallet, primed the canvas in white water color paint and let it dry.. now come the artists…  I giggle thinking back to Keizer’s facial expression, he is a great dane mixed with husky. He acts all dane, goofy and big. I dipped his paw in the gooey paint, and his eyes got as round as saucers! I quickly held up the canvas and plopped his paw down. It made splashes and tiny drops of paint all over the place, lol. He didn’t like it one bit. I knew he was going to run away, I could feel the tension. I weigh 100 pounds, him 120? I quickly plopped his paw down three more times and he ran away. Mind you the backyard has a big cement patio and the sun is hot on it.  They now have beautiful purple paw prints I can’t wash off on the patio. (Grins) I did finally call him back and washed his foot, he didn’t like that much either.. 

Okay, now for the Doberman.. She is smart, and willing to do anything you want, within reason… Reason to a Doberman that is. She had watched Keizer’s reaction and wasn’t sure what all the commotion was about.. My son and I were still laughing at Keizers antics so it must of brought us pleasure. Okay, she came right to me and practically held out her paw.. She acts like a sweet princess, and always willing to please you. I did the same to her, dunked her pad in the goo, her reaction was eh. Okay, whatever.. I made a few more prints and then put stems on them along with Keizer’s splashes and dots! 

I left it there on the fireplace mantel and waiting for them to notice! 

Maybe next time I will get the cats 

I decided to share this photo for my day 34 in the 365 Photos Challenge. 

If you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day, here are the rules and guidelines.  


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