Outrageous Abundance

I recently watched an episode of 24hrs. to Hell and Back.  It is a show hosted by Gordon Ramsay.  I had to wonder about the owner of that soul food restaurant:  Did she ever get comfortable with being successful?

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Her restaurant used to be a thriving soul food spot in Sacramento, California, when it first opened in 1998.  By the time Gordon Ramsay arrived, business was so bad, that she was looking at closing very soon.

He was there to help her.  Helped her he did.  But once he left, she wouldn’t take any calls from the Ramsay’s staff.  She didn’t return any phone calls, and last they heard, she went back to her old recipes, and ways of doing things.

If you don’t get comfortable with success, you will surely fail.  I felt that she had a deep rooted psychological issue with being successful.  I felt that she was unconsciously falling into self-sabotage.

This is the real reason she decided to go back to her old ways, and forget everything that Gordon Ramsay had taught her and her staff.  When you picture success, and you open your arms to it, you need to be ready for it, and accept it as your new life.

If you don’t you are doomed to question it, doubt it, and in the end push it away.  Don’t walk away from success, when it has finally arrived at your table.


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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