On His Arm – 5

Isaac, leaving the fast food joint, just wandered into a supermarket. He wound up on the cereal aisle and took up a box of whatever when a voice said; “No, don’t eat that, it’s rubbish, buy this…”

He turned to see a really great looking woman holding a box of muesli.   He just stared.

She met his eyes,  said, “Here, read the labels, and tell me which one actually is nutritious.”

He took the box, but looked at her.  She didn’t work here, as she wasn’t in any kind of uniform.  He just stared not even looking at the box. The expression on her face turned from, ‘interested citizen’ to creeped out.

As she turned away, he called;  “No wait.  I need your help.”

She turned back, hesitantly.

“I’m trying to improve my diet and don’t know where to begin, so if you have time, can you indicate the better options?”

She stood, still suspicious.

Thinking fast he said;  “I’ve heard about Almond Milk, but don’t know if I should try it, and then, which one.”

She nodded, gestured, led him to the aisle, and indicated the various types and told him which one she used.


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Written by jaylar

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