On His Arm – 23

Isaac tried to give a bit more information, afraid Rachel would stop the car and kick him into the road.

“If I don’t attend these…things… I’ll be summoned to H.R. and questioned.   My bosses think this ‘informal integration’ of the staff is necessary for the ‘smooth running’  of the business.”

He took a breath,

 “I don’t want to come, it’s worse than boring.  But I have to.  So I figure if you go with me it will have some health benefit.”

Rachel hummed;  “Healthy is not just diet.  Did you think of exercise?”

“Sometimes…” he replied as she parked the car.

“Do you want to join a gym?”

“That sounds great…”

Rachel began to tell him about the gym she was associated with, the fees the hours, as they walked to the boarding ramp by the yacht.


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Written by jaylar

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