Oliver's Odyssey – 76 – End

Oliver had always wanted to be a lawyer.  His grades had not been high enough to gain entry.  

To get out of his mother’s house, to get a life for himself, he’d grabbed that semi-diplomatic job as a stop gap.

If he had money, if he didn’t have Wendy and the kids to look after, he’d have applied again to Law School.  

He could have gone to night school, gotten enough credit and could have transferred to day, IF he hadn’t a wife and three kids to support, if he had been alone, he could have done it.

While he worked, giving up his life, Wendy schemed.  She and that police officer must have planned how to destroy him.  Wendy knew he wanted to be a lawyer.  That was why she chose that profession.  

He forgot when he met her she was a law student.  All he could think was that Wendy had stolen his life.

She had stolen his house, stolen his children, stolen his dreams.

How was it his stupid wife could have him locked in prison, end his marriage, lose his children, lose his house, and lose his dream?

How could any of this happen to him?


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Written by jaylar

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