Oliver's Odyssey – 70

Oliver was unable to believe that  during the years he had been married to Wendy,  she had ‘disobeyed’ him.

He could not imagine how she could be in her final year of Law School.

It had to be some fraud or trick.

He assumed that she had been able to fabricate a degree, for surely, during the years they lived on her Island, she could not have gone to University.  

Oliver could not imagine that during the years he had kept Wendy cloistered in that house, on that Island, she had continued to attend University and gained her degree behind his back.

Nor, that while they had lived in New York, she had been able to use that degree to gain entrance to Professional School.

He could not grasp that when he was in prison she had been able to apply and enter Law School and was now a few weeks away from being called to the Bar.


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Written by jaylar

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