Oliver's Odyssey – 69

It took hours, but finally Oliver calmed himself enough to be able to sit down and read the divorce documents.  He had meant to tear them to bits and burn them.   

Fortunately, he hadn’t.

As Oliver read through he noted that Wendy had used the address of  his house, the house she had sold behind his back, as her home address.  So that was a dead end.

Then he noted that she had asked permission to revert to her maiden name.  Which had been granted.  This might explain why he couldn’t find  her on the ‘Net.   Oliver began a search using Wendy’s maiden name. 

But Wendy had no presence on social media, as if she knew he would be searching for her.

Day after day he tried to find a link and he failed..

Then  purely by accident, ran into someone he  barely knew who mentioned Wendy’s attendance at law school.  

Oliver was shocked.

How could one go through getting  degree then attending law school in a year?

Oliver had  no idea that  during the early years of marriage, living  in the Caribbean,  where went to work each day, she went to University.   Wendy had ‘disobeyed’ him.   She hadn’t dropped out as he had demanded, she completed her law degree.

Oliver had no idea that the years she lived with him in America  Wendy had taken  online law courses.  

Her law degree from  University had given her a  exemptions so that right now, she was actually in her final year.


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Written by jaylar

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