Oliver's Odyssey – 63

When Oliver left court he was so angry he could have committed murder.  

He saw Wendy as a schemer who only married him for citizenship and spent her days turning their sons against him.

He would have run after her and beat her in the street if he could have found her, but he hadn’t.

He had never been so enraged in his life.

When he reached the house where Aunt Zel lived he got into a conflict with her husband.  As Zel’s husband was bigger and stronger, Oliver couldn’t think to raise his hand.

Oliver only had strength for those who couldn’t fight back.  

To end the argument, Oliver was shipped to his Mother’s house.  Zel would pack his things and bring them round.  Oliver was not to come to her gate.  

Zel had known Oliver all her life and if her husband wasn’t there, who knew what viciousness he might attempt?


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Written by jaylar

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