Oliver's Odyssey – 62

Wendy and her children were ecstatic.  Evil Daddy was Gone!  They all celebrated the divorce as if it were winning the Lottery.

Laughing, they went to an ice cream parlour, accompanied by a few police friends, not merely just in case Oliver showed up, but because, over the months, they had become friends.

The children had the happiest time of their lives,  Their father was Gone!  Gone Forever!

Never again would Dominic be afraid to use the bathroom at night.  Never again did he gasp for breath when he heard his father’s voice.  He would never have to see him, speak to him Again!

He would never see his father beat his mother, and he unable to stop him.

Although she seemed happy, Wendy felt guilty.  Her police friends noticed and one took the boys to the nearby amusement park while the other tried to assuage her guilt.

After all, if she hadn’t stayed with Oliver and put up with his brutality until she had citizenship,  then she could have been deported.  Her sons would be left unguarded at the mercy of Oliver.


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Written by jaylar

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