Oliver's Odyssey – 61

Then the day of the Divorce Hearing Arrived.

Oliver saw Wendy as he entered the Courtroom  She looked almost beautiful.  She was talking to a man who he learned was a police detective.

If possible, the Divorce hearing was even worse than the Criminal trial.  

The way Wendy spoke, he’d never heard her voice in that tone. He scanned the room to see how the eyes of strangers viewed him with disgust.

When he got a chance to speak everyone turned away because they believed Wendy.

Her lawyer was vicious.  He had no lawyer.

At the end, the judge ruled that Wendy got the house, (in lieu of alimony and child support) as well as full custody of the children and the restraining order was extended to cover her and them for the next year.

In his mind Oliver had been a perfect husband.

Yes, he had disciplined her, but she needed it.  He had been strict with his sons, but that was what a good father did.

He was shocked that the judge took Wendy’s side so completely.

He felt he could appeal this decision.


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Written by jaylar

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