Oliver's Odyssey – 59

After three months, Oliver was taken from prison to a halfway house. He would remain there until a member of his family or a  friend, would take him in.  

Each day he was deployed collecting trash along the roadside in the company of others who had also been sentenced to community service.

After two days, finally his Aunt Zel and her husband, took him in.  Finally, finally, Oliver was home.

He sat alone in the room he had once occupied with Wendy, and cried.  He cried like a two year old.  He cried for his time in prison, his time at the halfway house.

And Oliver blamed Wendy for this.  He hadn’t done anything to deserve this.  She had destroyed his life.

He would never get a job  teaching at any  school again.  He’d never be able to submit a clean police record.

At least he could return to Rudy’s real estate firm and work around the hours of his community service.

Oliver didn’t make much money but could buy his own groceries.


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Written by jaylar

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