Oliver's Odyssey – 55

Then came the trial.

As Oliver entered the Court House he saw Wendy and his twelve year old son, Dominic.  As he stared at them, he was served with a Divorce Petition.

Before he could gather himself,  his name was called and the case against Oliver for domestic violence began.

Wendy, that stupid cringing creature, took the stand, proclaiming in a strong voice how he had beaten her and the children. She described how he held  the obtaining of citizenship just out of her reach.  How he used it as a rope around her neck to prevent her leaving, or complaining about his violence.

His lawyer questioned her, and made it worse.  It was as if Wendy knew this procedure by heart.

Then Dominic, his son, took the stand, and spoke about his father with boiling hatred.

Oliver was stunned.  How could Dominic say these things?

Oliver was convicted.  The judge condemned him, but as it was his first offence, he was sentenced to three months imprisonment, plus six months of community service.

The restraining order was also extended.


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