Oliver's Odyssey – 49

Oliver stood in the cell confused, angry, yet posed as if he were a colossus.

Time passed.  

Wendy did not arrive. He was getting angrier and angrier.  Where was she?  He decided to use his one phone call to contact his mother.

His mother made a lot of noise, said she had to go to work and would see him in the morning.

Why did he expect better?  Did he expect his mother to appreciate his situation and drop everything and race to his side?

As Oliver waited for Wendy, who never showed, he began to feel ‘set up’.  

How was it the police had been so fast on the scene?  It was as if they had been waiting.  How did they get in?  He had locked the door.  He was sure of it.

Could it be that Wendy deliberately provoked him so as to be able to get him arrested?

She better run, because when he came out….


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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