Oliver's Odyssey – 40

Oliver did not have the qualifications nor recommendations to gain  a prestigious job in America.  Maybe in a third world country a simple B.A. was enough to start at the top, in America, a B.A was the entry requirement.

Whether deliberately or inadvertently unaware of American standards, Oliver could gain no position as his presumed level..

Oliver’s image of himself and reality had become further disjointed.  He might have thought himself superior in High School as a survival mechanism, and entered college with the belief he would rise to the top,  but there is a difference between giving one’s self a ‘pep’ talk and learning how to cope, and facing what is.

As a stop gap,  to support his family, Oliver had to grab a job teaching at a High School.    

He had enrolled his sons at the same low ranked elementary school he had attended.   Although he could have sent them to another school, a better one, the idea they would gain a better education than he had was an anathema.

This is because Oliver didn’t want his own children to get better than he had gotten.


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Written by jaylar

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