Oliver's Odyssey – 3

When ten year old Oliver reached the car, he was introduced to his step father as; 

“This is my worthless son, Ollie, who puked up himself on the plane in front of everyone…” his mother announced.

This was just  before she  pushed him into the backseat.  His mother got into the front, took the little half sister, Lola, from her husband, and they drove to the flat.

Oliver’s mother spent the first ten minutes of the drive berating him, until the husband told her to shut up. They rode in silence for a minute, then the radio came on,and Oliver sat in the back seat of a car; looking at a strange city which didn’t resemble anything he’d ever seen before.

He wasn’t feeling well, felt he’d vomit again.

“I feel sick…” he called.

“Jus’ hold it in…” his mother said.

Oliver vomited on the floor of the car because he didn’t know how to open the window, and his mother slapped him.

That is how Oliver arrived in New York.


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Written by jaylar

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