Oliver's Odyssey -26

Oliver had, to destroy Maria’s confidence, told her that they had to break up.  He did it to make her cry.  He did it to make her beg.   He did it… and she accepted it.  

Wallowing in confusion, sorrow, his ego cut through and shoved aside his doubts.  Oliver forced himself to conclude he was in control.   He decided that Maria was a pawn who believed whatever he said.  Telling her that their relationship wouldn’t work was enough to convince her.

He was sure he could get her back, but then he would be fighting against himself.  He would destroy his own credibility by contradicting himself.

Fortunately for his ego, he hadn’t said anything about resuming their relationship.   She would assume he only called to ensure she was alright.

Feeling confident, he accepted that he had ended the relationship and it was not a problem.

He would find someone else, someone better.


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Written by jaylar

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