Oliver's Odyssey -25

Oliver had never been so stunned.  That was not what he expected.  

He had broken up with Maria to cut her down, to step on her ego, to erase her confidence.  He expected crying begging, asking for another chance, giving reasons why they shouldn’t break up.

Yet, she accepted it with a shrug.

A shrug!  As if he meant nothing more to her than a pen.

He sat, dumbfounded, wondering if he should try to get her back or move on.

Oliver could not understand how Maria could so smoothly go on with her life.  He thought she loved him.  She had said so.

Maybe … maybe she was so overwhelmed by him she would believe anything he said.

He sat in his mother’s house, the place he’d lived from the age of ten and tried to figure it out.


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Written by jaylar

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