Oliver's Odyssey – 21

When classes began  at University,  Oliver became the centre of attention.   He held himself stiff and regal, with a smug attitude, as if he were a Prince.   Many girls were attracted and began  flirting with him.   But Oliver had an internal disgust with females who were too forward.  

He was the MAN he was the one to pick and choose.  

In only three weeks,  he choose a girl named Lorna.

Lorna was much like him.  Her mother had come up from the Caribbean to work.  She saved her money, then sent for Lorna.  Unlike Oliver, Lorna’s mother cared about her.  

In fact, her mother was too caring.  And didn’t like him.

That her mother didn’t like him made his seduction of Lorna that more joyful.  It was a quest for Oliver to get Lorna to chose  him over mother.

Oliver believed in his superiority.   Having sex with Lorna was not just physical satisfaction, it was confirmation of his superiority.

He decided to go without a condom and get Lorna pregnant with his child.


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Written by jaylar

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