Oliver's Odyssey – 20

During the summer break, before entering  University, Oliver took a job as a manual labourer.  He saved his money, keeping it in his room in a sock, pushed down into his shoe.

He got a lock for his door to keep his mother out.

When he wasn’t working he spent time with Rudy and in taking himself to educational venues.  He wanted to know everything, to be smarter than everyone.

He met women, had a few protected connections, and always used the name Noel Green.

He lived as if he were a secret agent, often getting off a stop before his own or a stop after, so as to break patterns.

When University began, he was on a special program which paid for his books and materials.

Oliver used the money he had earned to buy a pair of jeans, clarkes, and a few tight fitting shirts.

He knew he’d catch the eyes of women, and this time, it would be Oliver McKenzie, not Noel Green who dealt with them.


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Written by jaylar

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