Oliver's Odyssey – 18

At the age of sixteen he knew he was perfect.  He decided to have a sexual escapade.  

He got free condoms from one of the neighbourhood health centres and went with Rudy and his friends to a few dances.

It was always the same.  Girls flocked him, because he was beautiful, but they were inferior.  He couldn’t give his virginity to such creatures.

An older ‘woman’ of nineteen liked him and made it clear that her boyfriend was away and she wanted a meaningless escapade.

She was bright, beautiful. and he agreed.

He told her his name was Noel Green.  She took him to her flat. Oliver took his time, letting her initiate, watching her closely, and letting her apply the condom.

He enjoyed the event and although she said he could stay told her ‘not tonight’ and left.   He forgot her name and the address as he reached the subway.


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Written by jaylar

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