Oliver's Odyssey – 16

Oliver had known indifference all his life.

Left at his grandparent’s home when his mother went abroad, their disdain was audible.

His grandparents never cared about him.  They complained about money.   How his mother dumped him like trash and didn’t send a cent for his support.

When it became clear that his mother had sent sums for him every month, but one of their beloved sons had stolen it, they stopped speaking about it.  They never apologised to Oliver for keeping him hungry, or shoeless.

If it hadn’t been for a program at the local church, he wouldn’t have had a pencil or a note book when he attended school

Oliver grew with the concept that his mother didn’t care about him, he was just a by-blow she had to take care of to prevent criticism.

This was proven to him when he went up to America and lived with her.

No one loved Oliver or really cared about him, and he reflected that.


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Written by jaylar

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