Oliver's Odyssey – 10

Oliver had not carried lunch from home, nor had money to buy anything.  His mother had forgotten about this.  Oliver was not surprised.  This kind of indifference was her standard.

At lunch break the teacher took the class to the cafeteria.  Some kids went home for lunch or to buy from a vendor.

Oliver didn’t want to stay in the cafeteria and watch the other children eat.  He went back to the classroom, which was open, and sat down, and began to read his history text.   Oliver knew nothing about American history.

When the class returned he had finished the first chapter and was answering the questions.

Oliver had been hungry in his life many times.  Missing lunch was nothing major.  He would make himself a sandwich to carry to school tomorrow.

The afternoon session began, then the class was dismissed and Oliver went home.  He knocked on the door and a lady answered, said she was the baby sitter.

Oliver went to the fridge, got the milk, drank a glass.  The baby sitter asked if he was hungry and he nodded, and she said; “Change from your school clothes and I’ll have your meal ready.”

He hurried upstairs, did as requested.   He came down, stopped in the bathroom, then into the kitchen.    He sat at the table, and ate a nice plate of food.

“Thank you..” he said from his heart.

Today, two people were nice to him.


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