Old Lady – 11 – End

Miss Ellis had a great impact on my life.  

When I married, I kept a large part of myself.   I didn’t make Robert the centre of my life, I didn’t give him my soul.  When I felt myself falling too deep, I pulled back.

I kept remembering my Grandparents, how they were virtually one person.  Until one body died, and so went the other.

Many times during my marriage I thought of leaving Robert, but I didn’t.   I gave myself a lot of alone time, developed a lot of interests of which he was not part.

When he died he did not take my soul.   He left an empty space, yes, but I didn’t need him to tell me what to eat, or where to go, or what to watch on television.

I still went out, still had my interests, my friends, and have continued to live.

My survival is due to Miss Ellis.


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Written by jaylar

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