Oh, the Embarrassment

Never before has an American President behaved as one of those contemptuous dictators who despite losing an election, refuses to leave office.

The smug faces of Americans when discussing those dictators has been wipe off, for they are now looking at a person who was elected and has now been unelected who REFUSES  to leave office.

His whines about Hoax and how ‘everyone knows’  he was ‘robbed’ proves to me that many ballot boxes were stuffed and he believed that getting 72 Million votes would have been enough to win.

I would not be surprised if he actually got 50 Million Americans to vote for him, and ‘topped up’ with duplicates.  Although many Americans are racist, many are ashamed of his gross behaviour.

His stupidity, ignorance, attitude of superiority, lack of self control indicates he may not have been toilet trained.  There has been some reference to his wearing adult diapers, which may be true.  

His behaviour suggests he has never learned to control himself.

As a spoiled brat he can’t admit defeat.  He can’t admit he is wrong.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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