Of web meetings and whiteboards…

One of the things that I have chased after in the past few years is the concept of a smart whiteboard. I have a product I love (SmartKapp) hanging in my basement that allows me to use whiteboard markers and share that crawling digitally. I have also used, and still have the eBeam products. I use them on the big whiteboard that has moved upstairs and the two Ideapaint whiteboards we painted on the wall. I have an electronic whiteboard on my iPad as well. It is very useful, and I use it all the time.

The concept of whiteboards represents both an interaction and a bad communication anti-pattern. One of the easiest ways to seize control of a meeting is to grab the marker and head to the board. But static meetings in a room with a whiteboard aren’t the only way people need to interact. Certainly, the SmartKapp gives you the option of using the physical whiteboard as does the eBeam and still share those via Skype or Webex. But there are meetings as well, that are wholly online and again don’t support the concept of meeting dominance.

You need a device (I use the surface book for this) that allows you to interact both with the computer, Web meeting and other users at the same time. Not one person dominating the board as a static picture, More of the global concept of share, interact and save.  The future of work for many professionals will be work where you are, not work in a specific office. Yes, there are jobs that will always require physical presence. But there are jobs that won’t be remote of course (Hi, I am your doctor, I am 3,000 miles away but don’t worry). Those jobs that operate remotely will require better remote meeting capabilities.

Interesting, I still miss chalkboards. My first classroom as a teacher was lined with chalkboards on 3 of the 4 walls (the last wall was windows). I miss that.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. It’s quite fascinating indeed that you can do these types of things nowadays. Otherwise, you would have to make a Journey to the other place for your meeting and that would be costly and then if you don’t get the business then …. at office and at home. However, you could smile and feast on the scolding and spankings. Lol. Thanks for the post. Have a nice day.

    • Great points – the value of working from home is considerable. It is less of a commute, less stress and ultimately working at home you end up putting in many more hours!

    • I used that as a punishment for the first month or so I was a teacher. Then one of my co-teachers taught me the Tom Sawyer lesson, I made it into time with Mr. A, and suddenly cleaning the chalk was a reward. That worked perfectly.