Now We Know

Many people in the world could not comprehend why Russia would want Trump in the White House.

The idea that Russia would interfere in American elections seemed pointless.

Until now.

History reveals that when the Soviet Union broke up,  it became ‘Russia First’  as it withdrew from other nations, focusing on itself.

As the decades passed, Russia virtually ceased to be a world power.  It withdrew troops and involvements leaving the field open to other nations.

Now that Russia has stabilized it has decided to return to various involvements, and needed a rather stupid character to represent the United States, so helped Trump get the position.

That America would pull out of Syria, forgetting their alliances with the Kurds, the various prisons in which Daash fighters were held, left the field open for Russia to step in without breaking a sweat.

What one sees in Syria today, will be repeated all over the world.

What do you think?

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Written by Tall Awah

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