Not My Sister's Keeper – 5

I went through High School.  Boyfriends, dates, dances, parties, living my life.  Miri was not into any of these things. Miri entered Junior High when I went into High and  I graduated before she entered, then went  away to college.

I didn’t miss Miri or home, there was so much going on.  I did call once a week, but with my classes, my social life, all the political events, I was so busy.

The times I came home on vacation I renewed old friendships,  was always out on dates or going places; whether to the movies or a demonstration.  Each day I grabbed with exuberance.

I don’t know if Miri had a social life.   I don’t know what she did or wanted or thought.   We didn’t communicate.

Late in my Junior year at college I met Alan.

We had a great relationship and  married just after graduation.   It was a fun affair with his folks and mine, and dancing and jokes, and fun.

We went on a crazy Caribbean honeymoon, came home got jobs and moved a few miles away.  


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Written by jaylar

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