Not My Sister's Keeper – 4

When Miri and I were together,   we did little  talking.   What would a fourteen year old, graduating Junior High have in common with an eleven year old in sixth grade?

I was listening to the latest music, knew about  celebrities, was interested in fashion and boys, sports and activities..

When our parents went out,   I watched what I wanted on television.  I never asked Miri what she wanted to see.   There was one television and I knew the schedule.

In fact with Miri, I never asked her opinion on anything because, well, she was a ‘non’.  

My father had coined the term.   Where I was a swimmer or a bike rider or skater, Miri was a non-swimmer/non-bike rider, non-skater.    She was just there.  I never asked her what she wanted, I did what I wanted.

She never objected, she never said ‘no’.  She was just there.   I never paid much attention to Miri.   Nor, perhaps she to me.

She was my little sister, but we had nothing in common.


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