Not My Sister's Keeper – 27

My kids grew up to attend college and marry. Miri and her husband and son attended the weddings.

We had ten minute conversations for Miri was focused on Mark. No matter what anyone was saying if Mark spoke or moved, that is all she saw.

He was an offensive  adolescent, foul mouthed, angry, insulting.   He was so completely different from his older brother, Peter.

Over the years we had become very close to Peter.  We  invited him to everything but he declined if his parents would be present.  He didn’t want to see them.  

It sounds childish, but then, if one knew his history, if one knew how for the first years of his life he was prised and spoiled, then flung aside when Mark was born, it was understandable.

Usually, when it was a big function, a wedding, anniversary, graduation, something which Miri and her husband had to come, Peter would arrive a week early  with his wife and child, stay with us, then leave the day before.

He introduced  us as Mom and Dad.   His wife and children related to us in those parameters.  Peter never ‘exposed’ his wife and children to his parents.

The best times were the summer when my kids and their families and Peter and his would join us at the lake.

During summers he and his family would stay with us at the Lake House.


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