Not My Sister's Keeper – 25

Miri Invited us to lunch.  We were a bit uncomfortable.  After all, we knew her son Peter had joined the Army and where he was stationed.   He never told her.  

If she asked….

Alan assumed she invited us because she did know, so was working on disclaimers as we drove.   WE braced ourselves but Miri never asked.

She never mentioned her daughter Lynn, who had run away years ago, nor Peter.  Miti was focused on her precious Mark.

He was a horrible child.  Violent, loud,  demanding.    He was the kind of kid that provokes you to give that one hard slap.

We didn’t spend much time.  We quickly ate then left to get away.  Driving home we questioned why Miri did not say  a word about Lynn nor Peter.    Maybe she assumed we knew nothing, yet show some sadness some regret, or rue.


All she did was focus on Mark.  Never taking her eyes off him.  

“Well, ”   Alan said to me as we drove, “She never asked, we never admitted.   So there was no lying, no hiding, just a typical day at the  Miri asylum.”


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Written by jaylar

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